Thursday, March 7, 2013

How UFM helped this young man become a man...

Adrian about 10 years ago

     “Before I was involved with Urban Family Ministries, I was an ordinary boy living in a low income neighborhood, surrounded by people that weren’t quite "godly."  I'd heard of God before, which was a good
start at a young age, but I didn’t involve Him in my everyday routine just yet. My everyday routine consisted of activities: playing outside with friends, going to school 5 days out of the week, playing video games, and so forth. One day while playing outside, we noticed a church van going from house to house talking to the neighborhood parents about picking up their children every Saturday night, to teach them about the Lord. Of course most, if not, every parent took the offer, because that was one day out of the week they could have to themselves. The program is called Super Saturday, and it helped me tremendously with my relationship with God. We sang, danced, praised, and learned about the Lord in a fun way; it was not boring at all. In fact, I still know some of the songs and verses that we made into songs to be easily remembered.

     The volunteers and employees at Urban Family Ministries were, and are like family to the children and families involved in Super Saturday as well as other programs. Not only did they teach us about God, they taught us how to better ourselves as well. They were and still are there for us through our spiritual life and our personal life. Those involved with Urban Family Ministries are godly people you can trust, and God has blessed them with the ability to plant seeds of change people lives for the good. I honestly believe it was a blessing to learn my first lessons about God at UFM. I also believe that if Urban Family Ministries hadn't taken that extra step to reach out to kids in low income neighborhoods, many of my friends and I, wouldn't have the strong relationship with God that we have now. I highly encourage parents to allow their children to attend programs that Urban Family Ministries offers because it can make a big impact on their lives. Thank You Urban Family Ministries and Thank You God. God Bless.”
~Guest Author, Adrian, former participant
Adrian today

     Adrian was 6 years old when he first came to Super Saturday. He’s now 21, living in the Chicago area working part-time at UPS and attending Moraine Valley Community College. He aspires to earn his Bachelors of Science in Computer Science.  He dreams of getting married, owning his own house and car, and opening a community center to support young kids and teens.

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