Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Life before and after UFM...

Miracle was asked to speak with Alf Clark, Executive Director of Urban Family Ministries this fall at a local church to share what UFM is about. Miracle is a senior at a local urban christian school, is a leader in the Teen Leadership group at UFM and is currently working on applications for colleges. She was asked to speak to what life was like before UFM and after UFM. Here is what she wrote... 

Before UFM, my life was like a rope. Everything was tied into a knot. I was the only girl of four boys and I had a big bag of confusion hanging on my shoulder. I was confused about why I always had to take care of my brothers. Rather that's cooking dinner, cleaning the house which I hated so much or helping them with their homework. Of course, I didn't have time for devotions because I really didn't know God, I mean, I knew God existed but I didn't know why I needed Him.

My life started to brighten when my mom told me about UFM. She told me that UFM is a mini-Bible study for kids in he urban community. I knew nothing about it until my brothers asked me to come to Super Saturday at Calvary Church. I had lots of fun on that day and met lots of people. I was a little afraid when I met Ms. Noelle. She looked mean and had a facial expression of a villain. Noelle has been working for UFM for at least 15 years and is still pulling through every single Saturday. In that moment, I did not know she would soon be my guardian. Another rock dropped in my bag of confusion when my mom told me she was moving to Ohio.

  I really didn't want to move because Noelle put me into a really good school. It was a christian school of 150 kids. I really didn't want to leave because I loved the school so much. So my mom called Noelle and asked if I could stay there so I could say in school. She graciously said YES! My life changed after that point. Noelle is someone who helped me to be who I am today. She brought me into her home as one of her daughters. She has made me into who I am today by teaching me leadership skills that I can use in my daily life, when I'm older or even now. Someone else who has led me to where I am now is Alf Clark. He has been such a father figure to me whether it being my Bible teacher in school or my basketball coach on the court. He has showed to never be afraid to go on and pursue my dreams as a leader.

Now that I'm surrounded with UFM, my christian life has changed. I go to church every Sunday. I'm a discipleship leader at school and I pray - for real. I pray out loud every single morning during school chapel. I love talking to God. He has blessed me with new christian friends, family and especially UFM. These two people have helped me to become who I am today. I can see UFM growing every day without a doubt. it's so surprising how it has changed over the past few months with staff or even the kids of UFM. UFM has so many great volunteers, staff and other supports to help impact kids just like me become who they really are.

~ guest author Miracle, high school senior

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  1. Amazing story Miracle! You are indeed blessed and a blessing as well.