Tuesday, July 23, 2013

God Moments...

Have you ever had an experience that did not rationally make sense? I mean, we all have crazy things happen to us every day;  like trying to go in the exit-only door at your local Meijer store,  putting the ice cream in the refrigerator and finding it the next day, or leaving the plastic cover on the lasagna that you put in the oven to cook.  (Not like that ever happens in my life)

Imagine a room full of 5 and 6 year olds that normally are busy moving, talking, and sharing while you try to tell a story.  Those very same 5 and 6 year olds suddenly fall silent, are sitting still, and seem to be frozen in time while you share something that God would want each of them to understand and remember.  Amazing God Moments set off an alarm in my head. It’s important we take notice of such experiences and thank God for those special moments.

This very thing happened during the winter session of Super Saturday.  I had been teaching on the importance of the armor of God.  Each week we covered a different piece of the armor.  We were studying the helmet of salvation.  The children were sitting in a circle on the floor learning what salvation is and why it is important. Then the questions began.  A hand raised, “Miss Jen, why did Jesus stay on the cross if he was God?”  Silence fell on the room, eyes staring at me, mouths quiet.  Wow.  I was able to share that Jesus loves us so much, even when we mess up, that he stayed on the cross so one day when we were willing to accept his love and forgiveness, salvation would be available to us.  Did he have to stay on the cross and die that painful death? No, but he chose to because his love for us it that strong.  I shared that all we need to do is confess a sin and it is forgiven.  I was able to tell them that nothing is too big for God.  Hands shot up even before others were finished posing a question. They were eager learners.  Ears were listening and God was at work.  Praise God that we have those moments! 

I found out later, that the young man that had started asking questions had seen tragedy during the weeks leading up to this.  I am so thankful that Urban Family Ministries is there for the kids that have questions; there to willingly point the children and families that God so loves toward the truth. I am so thankful for such apparent God Moments.  Isn't it great that sometimes crazy, unexplained moments happen for God’s good? 

~ guest author, Jen S., volunteer